What is a chakra?

Sangeeta healing temples proffers Chakra healing classes Delhi, which teaches us that Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk” and symbolizes the ethereal energy (prana) of the body. There are 7 major chakras in our body aligning from the spine, through the neck and the crown of your head. They influence the activities of your life and respond to the specific organs and physical and spiritual emotions. The chakras circumscribe the prana or the healing energy within us to help us to be joyful and vibrant. When we become ill or sick, one of our chakras gets a block, and thus energy stops flowing through them. Thus, the “prana” needs to flow continuously in order to ensure our well being. Hence, it is necessary to join the chakra healing classes India.

The treatment

The treatment of Chakra healing involves preventing the energy flow by the adherents of this practice. The practitioner will scan the body of the person for any energy blockages in the Chakras. In order to open the blockages, he will restart the energy flows by placing his hands all over the body. He heals the body physically through his hands and also through his love and spiritual emotions.

The Results

You would unequivocally learn the significance of Chakra healing after the Chakra healing classes provided by Sangeeta healing temples. Chakra healing process helps to reinstate the energy (prana) flow, which not only makes you happy and joyful but also relaxed and light. The treatment increases the powers of intuition and emotional and mental health. This system reactivates, unblocks, and rebalances your chakras giving you greater consciousness.Unblocking theChakra prevents the possibility of a variety of ailments like anxiety, depression, phobias, fears or nightmares, or emotional instability.