What is crystal healing?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that uses semi-precious crystals and stones to cure ailments and maladies and to provide protection from diseases. It is taught excellently in the Crystal healing classes of Sangeeta healing temple. People believe that crystals like quartz, amethyst, or opal act as a trough for healing by allowing the vibrant and positive energy to flow inside the body and the negative and disease-causing energy to ooze out of the body.


Adherents to this technique believe that different stones have different healing properties. During the treatment, the crystal healer places stones on the body of the sufferer aligned with the chakra points, in the regions above the head, on the forehead, throat, chest, stomach, gut, and the genital area. The choice and the positioning of the stone depends both on the disease as well as upon the healer’s discretion. Sometimes, the practitioner also places the stones in a position to create an energy grid, which helps in surrounding the client with positive and rejuvenating energy. Have you ever thought of trying out the best Crystal healing classes India? If yes, then don’t search and just rely on Sangeeta Healing Temples.


Due to its ethereal benefits for the mind as well as the body, our classes are one of the best Crystal healing classes Delhi.The unending benefits provided by the crystal healing classes are as follows:

  • It helps to release stress, worries, negative thoughts and anxiety.
  • It provides relaxation and a general sense of well-being.
  • It helps the body to rejuvenate and resuscitate itself.
  • It helps to make the people perceptive and increase their intuition during meditation.
  • You can focus well due to your energy field crystals after healing.
  • It also acts as a complementary therapy in treating ailments.
  • Due to more focus level, it has led to augmented awareness and better inter personal relationships.