Crystal Healing Course in delhi

Crystals and stones have been known since time immemorial for their healing properties in human being’s life. crystals and gem stones contains minerals that are important for mental, emotional well being of a life. Plant world and mother earth have been providing these supplements to humans and animals both.

Ancient pyshics saw these properties in stones, fossils and plant material . So these crystals have been used for healing a human body. Crystals have a certain vibration and colour that makes a human body healthy and human mind can also be influenced by laying of crystals on one’s body.
Thee stones and crystals are mined from earth’s crusts and refined and sold off to people.
Crystals are being sold off not only for ornamental purposes but also for theie healing abilites.
Crystal healing is a safer way of usage than precious gems that pertain to individual’s zodiac signs.
Crystals can be used in many ways and be combined with lot of healing modalities to get optimum and good result for a patient or a client.
Crystals work on subtle energies of a person and his chakras. The colour of a crystal enhances the particular chakra, activating it and making it function. There are many ways to do chakra healing


One can learn about various shapes and size of crystals in a one day healing workshop. The crystals can be used to increase the aura of aperson


1. Crystal healing can prevent black evil. It protects from black magic.
2. It increases the aura and protects it while doing any mystical work. Very beneficial for healers.
3. Increases te energy of the meditation rooms.
4. Removes vastu doshas.
5. Some crystals can improve finances, create miracles, bring more customers.
6. Blue green crystals work on throat chakra and people heving throat related issues can get healed by crystals.
7. Some crystals increase confidence.
8. Rose quartz helps in bringing love and romance into one's life. One can manifest marriage very quickly. It also heals broken hearts.
9. Crystals bring lot of mental peace, mental stability and attract lot of good people in your life.


Sangeeta Gupta

“Reiki Grandmaster Hypnotherapist Money Mantra Coach”

Sangeeta Gupta is a Reiki Grand master and a Law of Attraction and Money Mantra coach for the past 25 years. She has been actively contributing to society through her work with corporate organizations, school and college students, housewives and professionals in various fields.