Reiki Healing Workshops | Reiki Chakra healing | Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a japanese technique of healing body , mind and soul. Anyone can learn reiki healing for self and others in a Reiki Workshop of two days. Reiki Treatment can be given to a patient suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts and drug abuse. reiki healing works on aura of aperson and makes the chakra and energy body strong. reiki can be given to ICU patients who are on ventilators and not responding to general treatment. reiki therapy is used as alternative system of medicines.Reiki healing workshop can be attended by anyone who understand hindi or english.
reiki therapy is being acknowledged as a very powerful therapy which works vey well on all levels of human beings. It makes person positive and strong. Reiki can be done through distance for your loved ones sitting far away from you. After doing a two day Reiki course you experience relaxation , peace and sense of joy. Diseases get cured quickly. patients feel relieved. There is harmony in relationships after doing Reiki. Your goal achievement chances increase multifold.
Reiki is good for students. they are able to focus, concentrate and perform . Reiki supports them in confidence and creativity. everyone should have a Reiki healer in each home.Any student ho learns reiki can improve his performance in studies. Reiki healing makes astudent calm at the time of examination and do examination well

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