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Money Mantra Course In Delhi

Sangeeta Healing Temples offers the Course Money Mantra- Spiritual Laws of Making Money.
Sangeetaji has been running Money Mantra Course In Delhi for more than 25 years all across the continent.

Thousands of students have done her wokshops including some of the renowned motivational speakers from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi and Kerala. A very famous spiritual guru has also been a student of her Money Mantra Course.

What is Money Mantra Course?

Money Mantra Course in Delhi as is evident from the word itself works on the issues of money. All of us have certain relationship with money which we inherit from our parents, society, schools, relatives and teachers.

A child has no concept of money when he is born. Slowly when he grows up he gets older and he picks various beliefs, conditionings, doubts , fears regarding money.

Those fears, attitudes ,concepts start running the money aspect of aperson. One can say faulty money beliefs create poverty consciousness in a person’s life

Once a person becomes aware of his or her own belief system about money and starts working on new positive concepts and beliefs of money he can attract money.

Money comes from mental positive state of mind. Money is the most important created powerful entity of human beings. By a consensus all across the world, prosperity is counted by his possessions.

The number of houses, bank balances, gold etc makes a man feel rich and powerful. Every human mind is equally capable of making making money..

Making Money with Money Mantra

Making money is an art the rich people have mastered in their lives. Nowadays every common person has a right to experience abundance and joy of having more money, power, self expression, peace of mind.

By changing one’s belief system one can create infinite abundance. In the Universe there is no limitation . One can think and grow rich very easily.The spiritual laws of making money are:

  • Money is first created in the mind and then it takes physical form.
  • Insecurity about money will diminish your money prospects.
  • Fear, doubts don’t allow you to make money.
  • Financial freedom is always a state of mind rather than a physical reality.
  • The more excited and happy a person you are more money comes to you

Benefits of Money Mantra Course

The benefits of the Money Mantra Course are:

  • People experience lot of power to create money for themselves. They start having confidence in their abilities that can create money and power for them.
  • Participant will be empowered in spiritual techniques that will help him in attracting wealth and money.
  • People undergoing MONEY MANTRA COURSE start becoming richer than they were before.
  • You start having the ability to attract more business, clients, good job etc.
  • Your relationship with money alters forever for good.

One can Enroll for Money Mantra Course-spiritual laws of making money online or in person also. We also do Whatsapp MONEY MANTRA COURSE for people who cannot attend in person.



Money comes to those who yearn for it and take consistent actions to achieve it. Any money goal you set for yourself is achievable come what may. Lady luck shines on those who are willing to take her on in their lives.By changing your negative vibration to apositive money vibration you can achieve the impossible feats and heights of money consciousness.

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