What are Past life regression classes?

Past life regression classes Delhi by Sangeeta Healing Temples teaches you the technique of past life regression. It is a pseudoscience, but very efficacious and provides healing to the patient. It is guided hypnosis by which you can help a client to recall his or her past life memories and incidents.It helps you to discover the client’s past talents and abilities and to know the cause of some problems. It ensures and maintains the client’s serenity and positive vibes.


Past life regression classesteach you the technique of past life regression, whichinvolves hypnotizing the client for approximately 1.5 hours.  The client is hypnotized yet remains in a comfortable, relaxed, and conscious state. Then, various questions are asked to invoke him/her to recall his/her past experiences, memories, and incidents. Some adherents of the technique even use the client’s current life problems and situations to get answers related to their past memory. Some practitioners are so efficacious that they can induce the client and get information about two to seven lives. The client feels sensations and gets visions and images related to their past lives. It is done even for some psychotherapeutic purposes as well.

Suitable candidates for past life regression

The Past life regression classes India by Sangeeta Healing Temples teaches you the suitable candidates who need to undergo this therapy. The good candidates for this therapy are as follows:

  • People who are curious to know about their past memories and lives.
  • People who want to achieve peace of mind and self-confidence.
  • People who want to eliminate their negative thoughts, stress, fears, and anxiety.
  • Peoplewho want to have a better understanding of their relationships.

People who want to find the root cause of their problems which they are not able to find with other therapies.