What do we mean by Past life regression!?

Sangeeta healing temple teaches in their Past life regression session that past life regression is a technique used to recover the past life memory or incarnations by hypnosis by the practitioners of this technique. It involves asking a certain question with the client related to his or her past life while he or she is hypnotized. It is generally performed to seek spiritual experience and to know about one’s past life.

Benefits of Past life regression

Sangeeta healing temples offer the best past life regression session Delhi which has many benefits as it helps to release energy blocks, negative energy, stress, and anxiety. The fringe benefits provided by it are as follows:

  • It helps to understand and develop personal relations.
  • It eliminates negative thoughts, emotions, fear, and stress.
  • It helps to discover past talents and abilities.
  • It also increases the positive energy in and around the body.
  • It give speace, serenity, and confidence to the individual.
  • It helps to understand the events which are the root of the problem.


The past life healing session India provided by the Sangeeta healing temples has the following process:

The practitioners use a series of questions and suggestions while the subject is hypnotized to remind them of the memories and incidents of their past life. Other practitioners also use techniques like utilizing the client’s current life problem to know past life stories. The client is generally hypnotized for about 1.5 hours, and the session takes approximately 2 hours. Some clients are also able to access 2 to 7 lives in a single session. The Past life healing session provided by Sangeeta healing temple is quite interactive and helps to maintain the composure of the client. Those people who have some emotional issues,or are curious about their past life or want to have a better understanding of the relations should surely visit them for this session.