The word Reiki is a fusion of two Japanese words. The first word is REI- which means “GOD’S WISDOM” or “SPIRITUAL, ETHEREAL AND HEAVENLY POWER,” and the second word is KI- which meansenergy needed for life. So, Reiki is basically heavenly or ethereal energy. It is a Japanese technique of stress and anxiety curtailment and mitigation and helps in relaxation and healing by achieving inner composure and wisdom. Rely on the finest Reiki Classes India by Sangeeta Healing Temples, and you will never leave dissatisfied.


It is based on the fact that life force energy flows through all of us, and this energy only keeps us alive. It is given by “laying on hands.” The life force energy of an individualdetermines his or her mood and vibe. If the life force energy is more, then the person is more likely to be healthy, happy, and full of the joys of spring. If the life force energy of an individual is less, he or she is likely to be sick, lethargic, or stressed.


The Reiki Classes provided by Sangeeta Healing Temple teach you Reiki, which is a simple, natural and safe method of incorporeal and psychic healing. It has been known in treating almost every illness and malady virtually with beneficial end results. It helps the person in self amelioration and also helps in other medical and therapeutic techniques to promote memory and relieve side effects. Our classeshave many fringe benefits due to which they are one of the best Reiki Classes Delhi. We teach you how to treat and cure the whole person with the help of Reiki, including the individual’s body, mind, feelings,spirit, and the soul, which in turn help to maintain serene, security, and well being. Some have even shown miraculous results!