What is Reiki?

Reiki is considered to be a kind of a Japanese technique that has the ability to reduce your stress and further resulting in healing. According to Reiki, there is a prevalence of unseen life force energy continually flowing all through our body. Also, it entails that this energy is one of the reasons we are alive. Anyone who needs to experience self-improvement and be a part of spiritual healing shall rely on the Reiki course.

Reiki is a concoction of two majorly prominent Japanese words, i.e.:

  • Rei- God’s wisdom
  • Ki- life force energy

Reiki has never been recognized as a religion, but it still focuses a lot on promoting the feeling of oneness as well as harmony while being with others. If you want to get some time for self-actualization and get some natural healing, you must try out the best Reiki Course Delhiprovided by none other than the Sangeeta Healing Temples.

Levels of Reiki Course India by Sangeeta Healing Temples:

While learning the Reiki Course India, you are going to pass through a series of levels. You are going to gain some new understanding as you move further with the other levels.

  1. Reiki First Level:

This level is meant for everyone who is new to this course. These persons might be some who want to heal themselves or need an improvement in their family’s wellness.

  1. Reiki Second Level:

Once the people have successfully completed the foremost Reiki level, now is the time for them to experience the perfection of Level 2. Here, they are going to attain some in-depth knowledge about the Reiki system.

  1. Reiki ThirdLevel:

Those who have completed Level 2, shall move to the IIIlevel. Here, they would focus on the elevation of their healing power.

  1. Reiki Grandmaster Level:

This level is only meant for certain people who look forward to becoming the Reiki Master. They will get to know more about the various Reiki symbols. Also, they would be facilitated with some flexibility to perform the attunement process.