What are Tarot cards?

Sangeeta healing temple provides you with the Tarot card reading classes, which teaches you that tarot is a deck with 78 cards, each of which has its own story, appearance, and symbolism. There are twenty-two major Arcana cards that show life’s karmic and ethereal lessons.Fifty-sixminor Arcana cards show the trials and adversities of an individual’s life. The minor Arcana has 40 numbered cards, which are categorized into 4 suits, each of which has 10 cards. These 40 cards reflect the situations we encounter in our day to day life and, thus, help us understand the situation and make decisions accordingly. The minor Arcana also has sixteen Tarot Court cards that reflect the various characteristics and traits of an individual.In the deck, the cards are illustrated on the basis of the Qabalistic principles. The detailed information about the tarot cards is given in our classes, which are indeed one of the finest Tarot Card Reading classes Delhi.

Usability of the tarot cards as taught by Sangeeta Healing Temple

People are usually under the wrong impression that tarot cards are simply ink printed on paper. They are something deeper than that. Tarot is the key to unlock our wisdom and inner peace. It is like a tranquil book in our lives that satisfies our thirst for knowledge and peace. Every ethereal situation we come across in our lives can be understood with the helpof these forty-eight cards, which tell us what to do in a particular task and how to achieve an inspired and serene life. Sangeeta healing temple provides you with the best tarot card reading classes India.

When to use the tarot cards?

Tarot can be used while achieving self-development, meditation, manifesting goals, making decisions, planning a business, making choices, reading a book, achieving inner peace, wisdom, and positive vibes. They are used when a person needs spiritual and ethereal guidance and inner composure and wisdom.